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with what they need to know to close the wealth gap for their family, organization and institutions… ultimately changing the financial future of Black America!

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with what they need to do to be successful in the Financial Services arena, while making a meaningful difference transforming communities!

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Providing expert direction to insurance and financial service companies in the areas of recruiting, retention, marketing, lead generation and sales.

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Available to be a speaker, host and panelist on the topics of economic empowerment, personal finances, success and leadership and Black social commentary.

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Leading a collaboration of local businesses and organizations in the movement to close the wealth gap based on the 7 Untold Rules for Creating Black Wealth.

About Eugene Mitchell

From his unique executive-level position at a Fortune 100 Company for almost two decades, Eugene Mitchell observed how other races, religions and ethnic groups use financial tools and strategies in ways that significantly advanced their communities, and were vastly different from tools and strategies being employed in African American communities. While the overall objectives for these diverse communities may have been the same, the difference in implementation and access continues to create vastly disparate outcomes. With that in mind, Eugene Mitchell has distilled his observations down to seven wealth building and preservation rules that range from self, to family, to community-wide economic empowerment.

A Manuscript for a Movement

Closing the Racial
Wealth Gap

7 Untold Rules for Black Prosperity and Legacy

In writing this book, Eugene has two primary goals:

  1. To teach you how to apply the tools, tips and financial strategies to build wealth that have been withheld from African-Americans, or were ignored, underutilized, or underleveraged in the Black community; and,
  2. Provide insight, inspiration, and aspiration for everyone to join a NEW movement, just as revolutionary and essential as the Civil Rights Movement—intended to bring about collective economic growth, and the closing of the racial wealth gap in America.

There are awesome people working
with us and supporting the movement!

Changing Mindsets and Spending Habits

In order to close the racial wealth gap– we must change our mindsets and spending habits!
See Eugene’s videos and blog providing insights and advice on how we can change of our financial future:



From ‘Beg and Borrow to Bury’, to Creating Black Wealth: The True Power of Insurance

From ‘Beg and Borrow to Bury’, to Creating Black Wealth: The True Power of Insurance

Work With Eugene

Eugene is a consultant, speaker and published author with over 20 years of successes in leveraging ‘diversity, inclusion and engagement’ best practices that benefit agents, companies and the community. Let’s work together to ‘close the racial wealth gap’ in America! Contact Eugene for corporate consulting, keynote/panel presentations, and book promotions.