Closing The Racial Wealth Gap

7 Untold Rules for Black Prosperity and Legacy

There’s a legacy call and response in the African-American community:

CALL: “If we ever come together….”

RESPONSE: “…there is nothing we can’t do!”

According to the Corporation for Economic Development and the Institute for Policy Studies, it will take 228 years for Blacks’ wealth to reach the current level of Whites’ wealth in the U.S.—if African-Americans don’t make radical changes in Black communities across the country.

Galvanized by this long-standing wealth gap, and his ongoing concerns about heightened injustice, inequality, and a rolling back of Civil Rights-era gains in recent years, financial services visionary, Eugene Mitchell, created Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: 7 Untold Rules for Black Prosperity and Legacy as his response to the legacy call.

Eugene Mitchell is nationally known as The Man with the $50 Billion Plan Plan for successfully creating and leading a campaign at New York Life Insurance Company that generated over 50 billion dollars of future income for the Black community. Now he’s taking on the lofty goal of closing the racial wealth gap in America as his next mission.

Join Eugene on this journey—and in this movement—toward your own personal financial empowerment and our collective community transformation.

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From his unique executive-level position at a Fortune 100 Company for almost two decades, Eugene Mitchell observed how other races, religions and ethnic groups use financial tools and strategies in ways that significantly advanced their communities, and were vastly different from tools and strategies being employed in African American communities. While the overall objectives for these diverse communities may have been the same, the difference in implementation and access continues to create vastly disparate outcomes. With that in mind, Eugene Mitchell has distilled his observations down to seven wealth building and preservation rules that range from self, to family, to community-wide economic empowerment.

In writing Closing the Racial Wealth Gap… 7 Untold Rules for Black Prosperity and Legacy, Eugene has two primary goals:

  1. To teach you how to apply the tools, tips and financial strategies that build wealth but have been withheld from African-Americans; or were ignored, underutilized, or underleveraged in the Black community; and,

  2. Provide insight, inspiration, and aspiration for everyone to join a NEW movement that is just as revolutionary and essential as the Civil Rights Movement, and is intended to bring about collective economic empowerment, while closing the racial wealth gap in America.

The 7 key wealth-building rules identified in this book are designed to create millions of dollars individually, and billions collectively. These financial concepts have been relatively untold and underutilized by many in the Black community. Everyone can apply these rules to build, protect, leverage, and pass on his or her own million-dollar estate—thus creating financial prosperity and an intergenerational legacy:

Rule #1.

Know yourself, know your worth

Rule #2.

Insure yourself to ensure the future

Rule #3.

You can’t earn your way to wealth

Rule #4.

If you have a landlord and a Lexus – then you have a problem

Rule #5.

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep

Rule #6.

Rich people plan for three generations, poor people plan for Saturday night

Rule #7.

A rising tide lifts all boats

See what you’ve been missing, and join the mission.

Praise for The 7 Untold Rules for Creating Black Wealth

Purchase this mini-manifesto for a new modern day movement that elevates, empowers and encourages us to not only thrive individually, but also unite with other like-minded people, programs and businesses that are on a mission to collectively create financial stability, economic opportunity and multigenerational wealth to empower our future.

Let’s come together… to Create Wealth and
Close the Racial Wealth Gap!

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